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Gordon Schuck began home brewing in 2002. Immediately he was fascinated by Belgian beer and his brewing skills and experimentation in recipe design resulted in a Gold Medal at the 2007 National Home Brew Competition for his Belgian Saison. Brad Lincoln is a Certified Public Accountant. He got his first taste of the craft brewing industry while working as an auditor in Portland, Oregon.
Independent of each other, Brad and Gordon each sold many of their worldly possessions, traveled around the United States, and in the winter of 2009 arrived at the Siebel Institute in Chicago to learn to become professional brewers.
After meeting at the Siebel Institute, and being drenched in beer for the better part of five months, Gordon went back to Colorado and Brad went to Florida to open a brewery with his wife. Later that summer a telephone call and a trip to Colorado led to the founding of Funkwerks.

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