Tropic King


"Imperial" Saison | 8% ABV


An Imperial saison dubbed Tropic King for its use of organic hops from New Zealand, was a fortunate accident.
“Some beers you work on and refine over many, many prototypes, but this one came together on the first shot,” he says. Schuck initially thought he’d ruined the batch by inadvertently adding Munich malt to the brew kettle, “but we tried it afterwards and it was fantastic! The malts behind the hops are perfect.”
Maori King is a beautiful, medium-bodied beer that glows bright orange in the sunshine and is capped by a gleaming white head. The New Zealand hops give it a smooth bitterness — not biting — with flavors of mango and other tropical fruits shining through its round malt base. The saison style’s signature spice and citrus comes through on the end, with a clean, crisp finish that left me immediately anticipating the next sip.

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