Whistle Blast

Horse & Dragon

American Brown Ale | 6.3% ABV


Whistle Blast Honey Brown
A welcoming ale, displaying warm mahogany earth tones accentuated by a thin veil of creamy foam head, our Honey Brown Ale is as invi;ng as the historic English pubs where the style originated. Slight roast malt character leads the nose to a warm sensuous balance of mild hop bi?erness and sweet honey malt a@er notes. A clean, somewhat drying finish allows the sweetness of malt to shine through and remain as a memento for each sip. Quaffable in design, this ale will toast well in any social situa;on and keep you coming back for more. Cheers!
Tas2ng Notes
Warm brown with slight haze, capped with light, cream-colored head.
Aroma: Sweet honey and brown malt with very slight hop aroma.
Flavor: Malty sweetness balanced with spicy hop bi?erness. Malt forward. Mouthfeel: Full-bodied and creamy, smooth across the palate.
Finish: Clean and not cloying in final flavors, well a?enuated.
Suggested Food Pairings
Browns or milds will always pair well with roasted and grilled meats. Hearty in flavor they balance well with many cheeses as well.
Mains: Beef or pork kebabs with crimini mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. Beer ba?ered fresh cod with sides like sautéed asparagus or roasted red potatoes.
Salad Course: American blends with creamy dressings and broccoli salads with mixed with raisins, walnuts, and or cheddar cheeses.
Cheese: Balanced malty flavors match well with creamier cheeses and also well-aged cheddars…
and now I’m hungry.

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