Rhubarb Tart Berliner Weisse

Horse and Dragon

Berliner Weisse | 4.2% ABV


The herbaceous perennial rhubarb is considered a fruit in the U.S. and is packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our health. Primarily used in juices and sweet desserts this rhizome contains a high concentration of vitamin K and holds a puckering tart flavor that seamlessly joins with a base beer like Berliner weisse. This particular Berliner weisse has been soured both with the help of fresh rhubarb puree and the use of yogurt culture in the kettle. Warm gold and hazy this palate cleanser has an even keeled balance of malt and sour and does have some lingering rhubarb flavor in the finish. Good and tasting and good for your health this Berliner Weisse will satisfy your thirst without spoiling your new year’s resolutions. Cheers!

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