American IPA | 7.6% ABV


The NoCO IPA pours revealing an inviting copper color topped by a strong, slightly off-white foam. Your first sniff reveals the complex balance between the citrusy, spicy pear hop aroma backed by slight caramel malt notes. Tasting the beer takes you further into a flavorful American hop experience with plenty of hop bitterness balanced perfectly with the sweet malt backbone. This flavorful combination lingers on the palate yet finishes clean and prepares you for another sip. A very drinkable IPA,NoCO IPA reflects the hop forward yet balanced intent of our head brewer. I think you will enjoy it!
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Rich copper color, creamy off-white foam
Aroma: Hop forward aroma of fruity, citrusy sweetness, hint of caramel
Flavor: Strong hop character of peach, grapefruit, pear and tangerine, not overwhelming and balanced with slight malt sweetness
Mouthfeel: Smooth on the palate; hints of carbonation that spreads the flavors across the tongue
Finish: Balanced finish with malty caramel balancing the residual hop bitterness

Contact information

Horse & Dragon

124 Racquette Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Phone: 970-631-8038