Maracuyá IPA (Passion Fruit)

Horse & Dragon

American IPA | 6.8% ABV


A cream colored lacing grips the side of your glass as a copper color refracts through this rich IPA. Sweet and tart aromas of maracuyá (passion fruit) pair beautifully with carefully selected hops to produce a warm citrus fruit nose. First sips will bring a burst of hop bitterness trailed by a firm malt backbone that enlivens the palate and remains only momentarily. Finish is clean and balanced and a medium body is somewhat less filling and allows for continued enjoyment. Salud!
Tasting Notes Appearance: Inviting copper color, creamy off-white lacing head.
Aroma: Hop forward aroma of sweet/tart passion fruit and citrus, slight hint of caramel Flavor: Clean citrus sweetness with tangerine and grapefruit flavors, balanced with slight malt
finish leaning toward caramel toffee notes.
Mouthfeel: Medium light body, smooth on the palate; hints of carbonation that spreads the
flavors across the tongue.
Finish: Balanced finish with malty caramel balancing residual hop bitterness.

Suggested Food Pairings
A fulfilling IPA, this beer stands alone. However, some suggested foods you might like to pair it with are: Main Dishes: The sweet aroma and balanced tart/ caramel finish pairs well with teriyaki, Korean or sweet barbecued chicken. Also well suited for sushi rolls with strong Sriracha or umami sauces.
Cheese: Strong flavored bleu cheeses match well with the strong hop character of this IPA. Or soothe the palate by trying it with a light chevre or creamy brie. Salads: This IPA complements baby greens or spinach salads with pine nuts and/or dried fruits and balance any flavorful, creamy dressings

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