Fat Randy’s IPA (GF)

Holidaily Brewing

American IPA | 7% ABV


A.B.V. 7% / I.B.U. 65
Aroma: Strong forward notes of citrus, melon, and flora. Background hints of malty sweetness.
Appearance: A medium gold with a dry, hop-induced haziness.
Flavor: Complex floral and citrus hop notes, with a smooth, malty finish.
Mouthfeel: Full body with a smooth finish.
Grain Bill: A combination of roasts of millet malt and buckwheat malt.
Hop Bill: A blend of hops including Bravo, Cascade, and

Contact information

Holidaily Brewing

801 Brickyard Cir.
Golden, CO 80403

Phone: (303) 278-BEER (2337)
Website: https://holidailybrewing.com/