Holidaily Brewing

Golden, CO

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Favorite Blonde (GF)

American Blonde Ale


Gluten-free beer can taste amazing. The key to the deliciousness of our beer is high quality ingredients and knowledgeable employees. We use the finest locally sourced, malted, gluten-free grains as the base for our beers. All of our beers are also dairy-free and vegan with the exception of Honey Blonde.
Make the most of your day, every day! Whether or not you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, Holidaily invites craft beer lovers to celebrate life every single day!
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When we say gluten-free, we mean it. We are the only certified dedicated, gluten-free brewing facility in the state of Colorado. That means not one gluten-containing ingredient enters our doors, so there is never a chance for cross contamination.

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Holidaily Brewing

801 Brickyard Cir.
Golden, CO 80403

Phone: (303) 278-BEER (2337)
Website: https://holidailybrewing.com/