Door Stop Doughnut Stout

Horse and Dragon

American Stout | 6.8% ABV


Dark brown, medium-bodied and very flavorful stout with hints of the sweet FoCo DoCo donuts that went into the boil and were added in secondary.  Suggestions of cinnamon sugar, vanilla, and a tad of oak, with some chocolate as you breathe out and let the beer warm.  It’s difficult to guess which donuts were added to the beer — there are hints of many different flavors that you might amble down to FoCo DoCo to enjoy [I think this would be a fun guessing game but Luke, please confirm with Titus and Josh that they added just salted honey donuts — I swear I taste some cinnamon — I’d hate to play this guessing game and not know ourselves what went into it].    Despite the name, this isn’t an overly sweet beer — it’s a great stout that will complement your dessert rather than overwhelm it.

Contact information

Horse and Dragon

124 Racquette Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Phone: 970-631-8038