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Verboten Brewing derives its name from the “forbidden” ingredients that were rejected by the German Purity Law for beer, the Reinheitsgebot. Under the purity law, beers could only be made with three ingredients: barley, water and hops. Yeast, once its fermentation properties were clearly understood, was added later. Verboten’s beers will embrace the trend of incorporating fruit and spice, barrel aging and other distinctive ingredients and processes to make our craft beers.

Verboten, which opened in early 2013, is a true boutique brewery. The six tap handles, including one Nitro tap, rotate often so that new beers can be introduced every few weeks. The brewery also uses as much seasonal and local ingredients as possible in each of our handcrafted ales. At Verboten, we create unique beers taking typical beer styles and adding our own twist to make our constantly rotating selections new and exciting.

Home brewers Joe Akers and Josh Grenz, along with their spouses, Keri Akers and Angie Grenz, founded Verboten. Their space consists of taproom and adjacent 3-barrel brewery, designed so visitors can enjoy the community atmosphere of the taproom while still feeling close to the brewing process.

The brewery is located in the heart of Loveland on 1550 Taurus Court. The brewery and taproom are across the street from local distiller, Dancing Pines Distillery.

With the tagline, “beer for all,” Verboten firmly believes there is a beer out there that will appeal to everyone.
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Verboten Brewing

1550 Taurus Ct
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Phone: 970) 988-6333