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Yes, our name has raised an eyebrow or two. What is the meaning of RALLY KING you ask? Well, for the families of Jason Connor and Matt Kriewall there is deep meaning in our name. According to any dictionary, the word “RALLY” has several meanings depending on usage or context. As a verb “RALLY” has the following meanings that apply to us and our story:

  1. (of troops) come together again in order to continue fighting after a defeat or dispersion.
  2. recover or cause to recover in health, spirits, or poise.
Let’s face it. Life can be tough! Life is full of peaks and valleys, joy and pain, gain and loss. We head out on one journey with specific life goals in mind but may find ourselves one day somewhere totally obscure and unplanned thinking, “How did I get here and “Now what do I do?” Others may stay the course that was planned all along and wake up one day wanting more; more joy and living life with passion. Both of these scenarios apply to the founders of Rally King. Life has been crazy….beautifully blessed at times yet heartbreakingly hard at others. We made the choice to stay positive, live out our dream with passion, do what we love (and what we are really good at…brewing great beer) and RALLY to get through this thing called life!

Won’t you RALLY with us??

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Rally King

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Phone: (970) 568-8936
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