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Pyramid has been proudly brewing quality beers in the Pacific Northwest since 1984. Our heritage has been built on award winning brews worth sharing with friends.


Behold the new Pyramid! The great beer within continues to be as skillfully brewed as it’s always been, with a new wardrobe that reflects the rich brewing heritage we’ve been proud to build since 1984. We’re so excited to bring you more news, new beers, and numerous toasts throughout the upcoming year.


Pyramid Breweries celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its’ Winter Warmer – Snow Cap. Pyramid fans rock the night away at the Seattle Alehouse for Snow Cap’s big day at the 14th Annual Snow Cap Party.


Pyramid Breweries wins mid-size Brewery of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival. Pyramid also picks up gold medals for Apricot Ale and Crystal Wheat Ale (third consecutive year).


The introduction of Imperial Hefeweizen, the limited edition specialty brew continues the tradition of wheat beer expertise. The limited edition ale is brewed in small batches of less than 120 barrels using the finest West Coast ingredients.


Hefeweizen and Crystal Weizen take no prisoners at the 2006 World Beer Cup. Hefeweizen scores the bronze in the American Style Hefeweizen category, while Crystal Weizen wins the same in the American Style Wheat Beer category.


Pyramid joins forces with MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company to open up the Portland Taproom and brewery in Oregon.


Hefeweizen wins the gold medal for American style Hefeweizen at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival.


Pyramid releases Curve Ball Kolsch for the summer and Coastline Pilsner all year long. A third alehouse, placed lovingly in Walnut Creek, CA.


Keeping in step with the new millennium, we introduce the Alehouse To Go variety 12-pack.


Malty, coppery Broken Rake Amber Ale joins our family. Name the season and we’ll name the ale.


Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, moves in next door to our Seattle brewery. To mark the occasion, we open our “Left Out Field” Beer Garden to host baseball fans before and after the game.


The Pyramid Brewery opens in Berkeley, CA. Built in an old warehouse with a parking lot cinema screen, our new facility shares startlingly fresh microbrews with all of California and the Southwest. These now include our Draught Pale Ale, a nitrogen dispensed beer that wins Barley Corn’s Reader Poll Award for “New Craft Beer of the Year,” and our India Pale Ale, a bright, bold beer loaded with 67 IBUs of tangy Columbus hops.


We are reborn as Pyramid Breweries, Inc. Appropriately, we introduce a spring seasonal, Tilted Kilt, a deep red, full-flavored ale brewed with seven kinds of malt, including the Scotch “whiskey” sort. Here’s to new beginnings.


The people are clamoring. We open an alehouse in Seattle, WA while pairing our draught brews with gourmet pub food.


We’re now the fourth largest craft brewery in the country, a fact we celebrate by introducing Apricot Ale. A zesty golden wheat with a distinctive hint of fresh apricots, it wins a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Good taste all around.


Hefeweizen is born. Unfiltered and brewed with over 60% malted wheat, this full-bodied beer outdoes the 50% Bavarian tradition, and remains our biggest star.


We’ve outgrown the general store. Our new, fancier digs are just downstream from Mt. St. Helens in Kalama.


Hart Brewing is adopted by five enthusiastic investors from Seattle.


Snow Cap Ale, a rich, full-bodied winter warmer crafted in the British tradition of holiday brews, becomes an instant classic. Its complex fruit flavors and smooth texture have kept it one of our most popular seasonals.


We create America’s first year-round wheat beer since Prohibition and name it Wheaten Ale. And there was refreshment, and it was good.


We begin as Hart Brewing, Inc., founded by Beth Hartwell, who launches our flagship brand of Pyramid ales. We find our home on the banks of the Columbia River in Kalama, WA. Our inaugural Pyramid beer, Pale Ale, is one of the first American microbrews.

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