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Back when the world was a much different place, filled with grunge music, loose fitting clothes, and Wayne’s World movies, two shady characters fell in together and started doing various sketchy and wonderful things. One of these was brewing . . . beer. Not the tasty, modern, complex craft beers flowing in today’s market, but the goofy and “just OK” beers that home brewers in the 90’s seemed to know how to build. These guys (we’ll call them Chris and Josh for lack of anonymity’s sake) got better over the years, even as they moved apart.
Chris went down a corporate marketing path; Josh seemed to prefer engineering and operations; both still enjoyed beer and, with lots of practice, the homebrew got better and better. When Y2K sputtered out before it even came to life, the two had their first discussion about opening a brewery. More life happened. More of the guys’ improving craft beers were served at more home parties. When they got together again more recently, the topic resurfaced, but this time it wouldn’t go away. And gradually a brewery was born.
20 years since the start of their homebrew hobbies, Odyssey Beerwerks was formed to do the impossible: take an enjoyable hobby of creating fine craft beers and make it into a dreary job, with the benefit of bringing new and exciting hand crafted beers onto our vibrant planet.

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5535 West 56th Ave, Suite 107,
Arvada, , CO 80002

Phone: (303) 421-0772
Email: Info@odysseybeerwerks.com
Website: http://www.odysseybeerwerks.com/