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I wanted to do my part to help others overcome obstacles, plain and simple. But I always struggled with what was the most effective way to support the causes I care about. Over the years I have had great success brewing beer that my friends and family enjoy. Enough so, that they have repeatedly suggested to me to consider opening a brewery. And I thought, what better way to raise money to support the causes I care about than to leverage people’s desire to socialize while drinking beer. I have also worked at several types of restaurants over the years and thought I would put that skill set to use too. So, with that in mind I decided to take my experience in the restaurant industry and with brewing beer and open a new restaurant and brewery.

Starting this business was about a 3 year process and during that time a lot of changes to my vision took place. I can honestly say I ran into a lot of obstacles, and without the help of friends, family, and various members of this community they would not have been overcome.  The combination of the intent of my vision and the challenges I faced inspired the name Obstacle. I am hoping it is a place where you can put aside the obstacles you face for a few hours and simultaneously help others overcome theirs.

I hope you will join us for some great food and drinks, and support our efforts to help others overcome their obstacles.

Owner/Operator – Chris Mulligan

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4613 S Mason St Ste D1
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Website: https://www.obstaclebrewing.com/