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Blue Lake, CA

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Mad River Brewing was built on the foundation of reuse and recycle. This is still in practice today. We are still utilizing used and modified equipment such as Sierra Nevada’s first brewing system! We recycle all of our paper and metal products, use innovative waste water management techniques and have contracts to give the spent brewing grains to local farmers. These practices have always been apart of Mad Rivers’ history, long before it became cool to be a “green” business.
The brewery has always been about the beer and the hard working people that show up for work everyday to produce the best handcrafted ales to share with family, friends and the rest of the world! Since the beginning Mad River has had the good fortune to employ people that are dedicated and persevere, even when faced with serious challenge. Their dedication to Mad River’s Mission statement, “to produce the highest quality craft beer possible” has pulled us through to our third decade of production. There have been many changes in the last two decades, new brewers, managers, automated packaging machinery, new art for labels and 6 packs, but one thing that hasn’t really changed is the quality of the beer that this little plant on Taylor Way brews everyday.

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Mad River Brewing Company

101 Taylor Way
Blue Lake, CA 95525

Phone: 707-668-4151