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The Köstritzer Erbschänke –
the “Black Köstritzer Urspung the brewery” – was first officially mentioned in 1543.
The founding of the University of Jena in 1558 brought the first boom – because smart people just like something special.
From the Knights economic Gutsbrauerei 1806 the Princely Köstritz brewery.

Over the years won many friends Köstritzer. Whether Goethe and Otto von Bismarck – big names like little people liked the taste.

A recent success story of the formative head was Rudolf Zersch.
After taking over the brewery in 1875, he also laid the foundation stone for a new building, which is based on the Köstritzer brewery today. The production could be increased significantly now!
The brewery was nationalized in 1948 in about. As an export product was the specialty beer from Bad Köstritz soon in demand as ambassador Thuringian brewing.

The extensive reconstruction work
began in 1979 and 1990 found their completion.
he Köstritzer black beer
 belongs to a renowned family business since 1991 and was expanded within a few years into one of the largest and most modern breweries in Thuringia.
Köstritzer was introduced in September 1993 in Germany with great success again two years later was already dark beer Köstritzer nationwide market leader.
The nationwide market leadership is maintained unbroken since 1995 and has since exported Köstritzer dark beer in over 40 countries.
Köstritzer black beer with a new advertising campaign positioned itself as a connoisseur of beer for the special moments. In the TV commercial and advertising motives in the common experience evocative moments in the foreground.
The new Premium Köstritzer boxwith even more comfort is introduced.
The brand new Köstritzer bottlewith fine relief, slender shape and distinctive foot goes on sale.

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