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1850 20 year old Joseph Schlitz immigrates to Milwaukee from Germany and is hired by August Krug to work as bookkeeper in Krug’s small tavern brewery.
1853 The brewery produces 300 barrels of beer.
1856 August Krug dies and Schlitz takes over the brewery renaming it the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.
1859 The brewery now produces and sells about 2,000 barrels of beer.
1870’s After the Chicago Fire, Schlitz sends hundreds of barrels of beer to the city, earning it the reputation of “The beer that made Milwaukee famous”.
1886 The trademark “Belted Globe” is used on all of its bottle labels.
1893 The slogan “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous” is introduced at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
1942 Due to rationing for the war, canned beer is only offered to the military and only in Olive Drab cans.
1947 Schlitz beer is now once again available to the general public.
1950’s In the years following World War II, Schlitz again becomes among the most popular beers in the world, selling 6.35 million barrels in 1952.
1952 Schlitz introduces the 7oz “Little Joe” bottle.
1954 Schlitz introduces the industry’s first 16oz flat top beer can.
1956 The 24oz “Tall Boy” is introduced by Schlitz.
1960 Schlitz introduces the first Aluminum “Soft Top’ can.
1963 Schlitz introduces the first “Pop Top” can.
1960’s Schlitz brings its renowned advertising savvy to television and introduces the now famous “Real Gusto” campaign.
1970 The company’s existing breweries can no longer keep up with demand. A 34-acre brewery with an annual production capacity of 4.4 million barrels is opened in Winston-Salem, NC. It is the largest brewery ever built.
1973 The company sells 21.3 million barrels of beer.
1982 The Schlitz Brewing Company is acquired by Stroh’s.
1999 The Pabst Brewing Company acquires the rights to the Schlitz brand.
2001 Schlitz is now available only in cans.
2007 The ‘Classic 60’s Formula’, the one that made Schlitz the most popular beer in the country in the 1950s and 1960s, is back.
2008 The ‘Classic 60’s Formula’ of Schlitz, in traditional brown glass bottles, returns to its birthplace, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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