High Hops

Windsor, CO

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Dr. Pats

American Double IPA

Blueberry Wheat

American Wheat


We are a family owned and run brewery/homebrew supply shop/ hop farm/garden center (yeah, we’re pretty busy).  We strive to bring you a quality beer that is both unique and delicious.  

Our brewery houses a 10 barrel system with four fermenting vessels.  We brew on-site just feet from our hop fields–doesn’t get any more local than that, eh? Pat and Zach are our brewers; their unique taste preferences combined with those of our staff: Amanda, Rachel, Kati, Kaiti, Maddie, Jon and the rest have given life to a family of beers that suites all. Thus, our motto: “All types of beer for all types of people.”

Contact information

High Hops

6461 Highway 392
Windsor, CO 80550

Phone: 970) 674-2841
Email: highhops1@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.highhopsbrewery.com