Fenceline Cider

Mancos, Colorado

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Rooted along the upper tributaries of the Colorado River, Fenceline was founded with a curiosity and admiration for wild and historic apples. Reviving the region’s cider traditions, our cider is crafted with cold, slow fermentation — producing a drier libation, with complex flavors, and less sugar.

Surrounded by thousands of abandoned orchards that continue to grow in Montezuma County’s rich soil and arid climate, we are committed to upcycling the region’s heritage apples and wild, one-of-a-kind varietals into extraordinary craft cider.

We love the apple’s ability to defy man’s regulations of grafting and orderly orchards and re-wild themselves — readily adapting to new climates and ecosystems, like Southwest Colorado. We chose to upcycle wild apples into delicious traditional cider because they are here, in our backyard, thriving across the Colorado Plateau.

We work with completely unique apple varieties that have been born wild, right here in Southwest Colorado, and would otherwise go to waste — dropping from relic orchards and wild apple trees as autumn begins.

These apples are truly one-of-kind, ripe with the tannins and acidity we seek, revealing their own unique terroir when crafted in our ciders.

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Fenceline Cider

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