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The Wise ESB was the first beer we brewed, back in April of 1996; it was soon followed by Dragonstooth Stout, the Immortal IPA, Zephyrus Pilsner and Perseus Porter. Along with the Avatar Jasmine IPA, which has been with us since 2005, these beers constitute the core of our lineup. They have changed a bit over time, as new hop varieties have arisen and new ideas have struck us.

From our very first day, when we poured the beers of each of the breweries we had all worked at in the past alongside our own beer, Elysian has honored the efforts of other brewers and brewing cultures. Uniquely among brewpubs, we have offered rare German and Belgian beers at our own taps along with those of our friends, some of whom at times have joined us to brew special commemorative beers. In a way our new collaboration with New Belgium is a development of this spirit of fun and mutual respect. Under the terms of our arrangement we are able to produce large batches of our Immortal IPA and seasonal specialties at the New Belgium facility in Fort Collins, and New Belgium’s brewers can produce small-batch, experimental beers in their “Trip” series at our Capitol Hill brewery. We look forward to further growth and innovation in our brewing adventures as we devise not only new and interesting beers, but a new and interesting future for the craft brewing industry.

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