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Real beer drinkers are on a constant search for the best brew available. They know quality beer when they taste it and enjoy the full body and rich flavor. Give me a friend who knows how to pick a good beer and a good cigar over a wine drinking tweak with sever colitis any day!
Eel River Brewing Company is the brewery with a motto that attracts our kind of people: Be natural; drink naked. That’s organic isn’t it?
Speaking of organic beer, with unabashed shamelessness we proudly advertise we were the first ever fully certified organic beer in Humboldt County, In California , in the USA … hell maybe in the world or the whole universe! And it’s making some breweries so jealous; they are trying to copy our lead.
What is a craft beer? There are two kinds of beer.
There are basically two kinds of breweries – 1) the mega corporations that pump out gazillions of barrels of beer a day and ship it all over the world; and then — 2) the small craft breweries like Eel River Brewing Company. Microbreweries usually don’t produce more than about 15,000 barrels a year.
Guess which one has millions of dollars for marketing?
Guess which one copies the other? Now wouldn’t you think if you were a mega corporation that you wouldn’t have to sneak around and try to make your brew look like it’s from a microbrewery or be a “Johnny come lately” to the world of organic beer?
Hey, mega corporation types, if your brew tastes like bear whiz beer (we are trying to talk clean here) then ya’ gotta do what cha’ gotta do to make em’ think ya’ got a good brew. But marketing bucks and frogs and lizards won’t make you organic beer. You gotta start organic and live organic to be organic.
Beer is the number one selling alcoholic beverage in the world. Our philosophy is let the big guys fight the marketing war; meanwhile this microbrewery is going to go on making the best beer from the highest quality ingredients and we invite you to grab one of our beers and BE NATURAL – DRINK NAKED

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