De Proefbrouwerij

9080 Lochristi-Hijfte,

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The “proef” brewery is specifically equipped for the development and production of beers for third parties.
We brew on a relatively small scale: most often between 10 and 140 hectoliters per order. Our customers include beer architects (who most often contribute their own recipe), start-up or existing breweries (who have their own recipe or a recipe that is jointly developed), and individual initiatives.
The Research and Development department (R&D) conducts applied scientific research projects, in order to improve beer quality and reproducibility.
Our 3 brewhouses, 58 fermenters, 2 bottling lines and 2 kegging lines
grant us wide flexibility.

In order to adequately perform tasks, a flexible and highly automated production
technology is indispensable.

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De Proefbrouwerij

Doornzelestraat 20
9080 Lochristi-Hijfte,

Phone: +32 9 356 71 02