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Ca’ del Brado idea is to create, ferment and age beer worts through unconventional/wild yeasts, bacteria and maturation in wooden barrels with different characteristics. We think that producing this type of beers – with an ancient tradition, but many possibilities of experimentation too – is a natural extension of Italian craftsmanship, rich in typical products, linked to the territory and with a deep culture in the world of wine. The woodworking (with great coopers and consolidated use of wood in aging) and the wide world of winemaking (which makes the barrels a cradle of variegated fermentative environment) constitute a rich, fascinating and unique heritage, which we are pleased to have as a background of our activity.


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Ca’ del Brado creates its own beers by studying and creating the recipes with particular care in the choice of row materials and fermentation processes (propagation and inoculation of classic and wild yeasts and the encouragement of wild yeast and bacteria). Long refining and maturation in barrels of different types make our production site a laboratory similar to a wine cellar.

In our name, Ca’ del Brado are the characteristics of the project and the manifesto of our production intentions.

CA’ is a denomination linked to the territory, is the house where a varied flora of yeasts and bacteria can transform the raw material (the must) into beers with a unique and unmistakable character.

BRADO wants to intentionally recall two different meanings: Bradùs, a greek word for slow, means our products will carry out maturations and refinements that require time (in some cases even years) and are therefore located in the longest production cycles of the brewery world; Stato Brado in italian stands for wild state, since using wild yeasts and bacterial / fermentative environment of the wood, there will always be a free and in some way not completely controllable part, as in many other fascinating processes that occur in nature.


We like to think that Ca’ del Brado embodies a deep respect, study and rediscovery of the European brewing tradition, but with a modern and innovative approach.

It is our intention to continue to dedicate ourselves to the diffusion of the brewing culture, telling what is behind the scenes of each product, to enhance production processes, stories, reflections, alchemy and the craft approach that distinguish the project.

We have given life to our idea, we are putting time, care and passion.

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