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The roots of our brewery date back to May 1892. It was a time when every brewer brewed his own special beer. It was no different in Bellegem, a rural village in West Flanders within a stone’s throw of the French border. In that same year, the first barrels of “Ouden Tripel”, what is today called “Bellegems Bruin”, rolled across the cobblestones and were renowned as far as French Flanders.
The fact that the brewery has been continuously in family hands from its early start to the present has become a rarity.
This family grounding has always been the basis for the dynamic and creative enterprise that typifies the brewery. This is evidenced by the launch of the Jacobins Gueuze in 1970, the Jacobins Kriek in 1983, the Jacobins Framboise in 1986 and the sparkling Kriek Max in 2002. Today, Bockor has grown into one of the most state-of-the-art breweries in Southwest Flanders. The brewery is in its region well-known for its excellent Bockor lager. It is nationally and even internationally famous for its speciality beers.
Brewing beer is a question of resting, a question of maturation… Nature takes all the time it needs to give us the best quality ingredients: barley malt, hops, wheat and water. With plenty of dedication, patience and skill, our brewmaster takes these fine ingredients to a unique brewing process. Brewing is always a matter of combining modern methods with age-old traditions. All this should be done in the best hygienic conditions. Brewing exquisite beer is, and always will be, a question of time and patience. Not surprising, then, that beer always tastes so nice when it has been given plenty of time and care.

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