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The history of the brewery Ingelmunster begins in 1900 . Emil and Louisa Van Honsebrouck buy a small farm where they founded a brewery. The brewery remains family owned when Paul and Ernest Van Honsebrouck in 1922 the two founders succeed. There are mainly under fermenting beers brewed like beer , brown and exports. The brewery has its breakthrough in 1953. Luc Van Honsebrouck follow Paul and Ernest and his ideas because the brewery is known. They decided to specialize in production of beers with a high fermentation , such as Bacchus. Four years later, we started with brewing Geuze .
But the brewery does not stand still. Soon are the different types of beers together. After Bacchus Gueuze and Kriek Lambic St. Louis come, PĂȘche, Framboise, Cassis, Brigand and Castle beer.The latter is one of the heavier beers from brewery produces Honsebrouck. There are four types of Castle Beer : Tripel and the brown version both contain 11% vol. alcohol , the blonde and the rouge containing 8% vol. alcohol. The range of St. Louis contains mostly fruit beers like Kriek , Framboise, Cassis and Peach. As a “specialty of the house are Bacchus, Vlaamsch White and K8.

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