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BridgePort was founded in 1984 by local winemakers Richard and Nancy Ponzi, and the brewery claims in their trademark to be “Oregon’s Oldest Craft Brewery”. The initial brewing facility, the Columbia River Brewery, had a 600-barrel per year capacity. BridgePort was acquired by The Gambrinus Company, owned by Carlos Alvarez, in 1995, expanding its capacity in 2001 to 100,000 barrels. BridgePort’s beers are distributed in 18 states nationwide. BridgePort beer production in 2005 ranked 41st in the nation;[1] for 2009 beer sales, this ranking fell to number 47.[2]
A fictionalized version of BridgePort appeared in the fifth season of the heist series Leverage in 2012. In the show, the brewery was a front company for the protagonists’ elaborate cons. On-location filming included the exterior and some internal transition scenes.[3]

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