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In times of increasing food scares and wary consumers, a highly respected company like the Bitburger Brewing Group is at a distinct advantage. Right From their early beginnings, all the breweries that make up this traditional company have continuously invested in quality assurance. As early as 1921, the owners Josef and Bertrand Simon set up a state-of-the-art laboratory, paving the way for the rest of the German brewing industry in all aspects of quality management. Today as it was then, a comprehensive array of monitoring procedures is in place, from deliveries to filling, Ensuring that each and every product that leaves the premises Bitburger reaches the end customer with traditional premium quality. Raw materials: only the best will do. It goes without saying that all of our highly popular beers at the Bitburger Brewing Group adhere to the German Purity Law. Originally passed in 1516, this law stipulates that you can only use water, yeast, barley, hops and hop products. The selection of these raw materials alone The utmost diligence requires.The hops have to be inspected in the field immediately after harvesting before taking samples back to our in-house laboratory for testing. Then and only then do we select the best hops and hand them on for further processing. Even the paint comes under close scrutiny in terms of its regional origin within Germany. Beers made ​​by our company may only use two-row summer barley. All raw materials destined for beer production undergo a final round of checks in quality assurance. This is over and above legal requirements and voluntary monitoring Carried out by our suppliers. Raw materials that fail to meet our strict quality standards never even make it into the brewing kettle. This thorough, seamless chain of quality checks is part and parcel of the Bitburger Brewing Group philosophy, and something that sets us apart from many other companies in the beer industry.
1) The test brewery
An important aspect of quality procedures in the Bitburger Brewing Group is our in-house test brewery. This is an exact, scaled-down reproduction – A slimline version of a “big” brewery. It first came into surgery back in 1990. It is still one of the most modern facilities of its kind worldwide and is unique in Germany in terms of its sheer scale. It is here that we pre-test new products or optimizations made ​​to the production process or raw material compositions. Without this testing, we never change anything at our “real” facilities. 2) The laboratoryDuring production we take a series of carefully selected samples in keeping with a detailed sampling and monitoring plan. The laboratory is responsible for monitoring all chemical and technical aspects of production. For example, it is here that we measure extract values, fermentation levels, alcohol content and oxygen content. Other key quality aspects include the hue, cloudiness and head. 3) In-house product testing and tasting panel The most important part, the premium taste of all products produced by the Bitburger Brewing Group, under goes testing by our own in-house product testers . They are responsible for monitoring the sensory and microbiological quality of the beer. A separate tasting panel regularly checks that the beer meets the high quality standards of the Bitburger Brewing Group. We never tire of testing for the same premium quality. The Quality Department at the Bitburger Brewing Group works on quality round the clock, always looking for more and better ways to carry out quality assurance. We also invest continuously in quality and safety, as anyone who has visited our state-of-the-art laboratory will tell you.Bitburger in 2006 set up a new keg racking line,. In a new Lich bottle filling machine which installed But it’s just not the beer that’s important. We also monitor the packaging, constantly checking the bottles, tops and labels before they enter production. The same high quality standards apply to these materials as much as they do to the beer. We set very high standards for ourselves, but even the tiniest quality fluctuation is entirely impermissible. For the Bitburger Brewing Group ultimate quality – the quality you deserve from a premium beer – is an intrinsic part of our nature. We regularly invest in research, development and new equipment to Ensure that everything that reaches the customer fulfils their every expectation. Profitability is a function of quality and not about pinching pennies the.

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