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Belgium, the land of beer, the land of the good life since 1894 and home of Bavik Brewery. For over a century the typical tall building rural Bavikhove brewery in Flanders.
Here Bavik Brewery produces a rich variety of beers and soft drinks. Behind the success of this independent brewery, lies the family De Brabandere.

How it all began.

the old breweryIn August 1894 founded Adolphe De Brabandere farmer at the “Hof ter Koutere” an application to the municipality of Bavikhove to “one brewery to build.” One of his children, Joseph De Brabandere, made the same year his first brew. The Brabandere Joseph died in 1929 at the age of 54. After a difficult period his son Albert took the reins of the brewery hands, allowing the company under his impulse a steady rate of growth.


an old truckWhere the beer before 1950 only to individuals and cafes was sold, was started in 1950 with exports to beer retailers. It was also during that period that the Lager beer began to rise. Previously, especially table of beer next to the barrels of beer that was delivered to the pubs. an old truck unloading bierHet sales network was expanded through the beer traders and cafes could be the Bavik and Bon-Val products obtained in West and East Flanders and Hainaut.

a worker in the old breweryFather Albert was married for a while now and had 5 children, 2 sons: Ignace and Vincent, who also contributed their mite to the flourishing of Bavik Brewery. In the mid seventies, the beer trade is difficult because of the emergence of many large department stores, which the brewery therefore resolutely invested in another segment namely the Hospitality Sector. This was the catering clientele of 150 in 1975 to a thousand at the centenary.

New products.

SV Waregem 1982This period was also the birthplace of Peter Oud Bruin and was a hit. Peter was from 1982 for 10 years, sponsor of KSV Waregem which we three European tickets and a semifinal in the UEFA Cup achieved. This team is no longer … Peter would still have that rock? Because of this publicity was also Peter Brown from Old Peter and Peter Special Triple born. Vincent has it all can not experience, in 1986 he was deceased at the age of 32. This was Ignace De Brabandere, alone of the third generation at the helm of the brewery.The brewery continued to grow and achieved a few years ago a new success with Wittekerke.

Brewery Bavik: a family business.

Today, four generations after the founding, Bavik Brewery is still in family hands. Despite the many acquisitions and mergers in the beer industry, we want to preserve our independence and the quality and regional identity secure. We want, as one of the largest independent breweries in Belgium in the future continue to work our beer culture to maintain.

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