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In May 2010 Shmaltz launched its first brewing location in Brooklyn, New York. At one gallon of beer per batch, Coney Island Brewing Company is officially the smallest commercial brewery by volume in the world.[23] In August 2011 Coney Island Brewing Company registered as a fully licensed brewery with the state of New York, and within its 175-square foot space brewery staff began bottling its nano-batches of beer for sale to the public, including a Pumpernickel Bagel Porter and a Cotton Candy Wit Ale.[24] The grand opening was celebrated on August 10, 2011 with a proclamation from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and with other distinguished business and cultural leaders in attendance. Shmaltz also has welcomed several guest brewers to Coney Island Brewing Company during its first two seasons to brew experimental recipes inspired by Coney Island and the local gastronomical landscape.[25]
Coney Island Craft Lagers

Summer 2008 marked the official launch of Shmaltz’s Coney Island Craft Lagers line. This brand was released in partnership with the arts organization Coney Island USA, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, and a portion of the proceeds from Coney Island Craft Lagers directly benefits Coney Island USA. The line includes the flagship Coney Island Lager, which was first released in June 2007, and five experimental lagers: Sword Swallower, Albino Python, Mermaid Pilsner, Human Blockhead (Winter), and Freaktoberfest (Fall). In 2010 the brand was awarded “Best Craft Brewer” and “Best in Show” at industry publication Beverage World Magazine’s BevStar Awards for product quality, brand marketing, and overall creativity in “pushing the limits of lager.”[15]

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