WeldWerks Especial

WeldWerks Brewing

Mexican Keller Pils | 4.8% ABV


WeldWerks Especial is a unique hybrid cross between a Mexican Light Lager and a German Kellerbier. We combined our favorite aspects of the Mexican Light Lager style, including a dry, crisp finish and incredible drinkability contributed by the addition of corn sugar, with our favorite aspects of Kellerbier, including a complex, flavorful pale malt character and pronounced yet pleasant bitterness contributed by the Pilsen malt and Hallertauer hops. Despite more than 6 weeks of lagering, the beer has a noticeable haze thanks to the unfiltered nature of the beer, allowing more of the hops and malt character to shine. While WeldWerks Especial might not be the sexiest beer we have brewed, but it has quickly become a staff favorite.

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