Smooth or Die (Peanut butter)

Drekker Brewing Co.

Milk Stout | 6.5% ABV


Time to draw a line in the sand. We need to put this out there and we hope this doesn’t mean we can’t be friends anymore, but it needs to be known. We only like creamy peanut butter. We think the only peanut butter on the planet should be creamy and that crunchy peanut butter is an abomination before the gods that should be stricken from the earth. There, we said it. We feel better, how about you?⠀

So to declare this love for the creamy overlord of peanuts in butter form we’re dropping a brand new Peanut Butter Milk Stout called Smooth Or Die. It’s packed with chocolatey, peanut buttery flavor and aroma and it’s rich and unapologetically smooth, so smooth, like the Gods intended.

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Drekker Brewing Co.

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