Boston Lager

Samuel Adams

American Pale Lager | 4.9% ABV


When Jim left his job to start a brewery, people told him he was crazy. After tasting that first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen, he knew he had something that just might prove the doubters wrong. It wasn’t like any beer out there. Full flavored with hops and malt yet balanced and complex. And a beer revolution began.
The incredible thing is after all of these years, it’s still the same amazing beer and nothing else out there’s quite like it.
Getting the best for Samuel Adams Boston Lager hasn’t always come easily, its taken dedication, persistence, and a bit of ingenuity. It started when Jim had to find the Noble hops for the beer. The recipe called for an abundance of the fragile and harder to grow Hallertau Mittelfueh hops which were nearly extinct. Undaunted, Jim worked closely with the growers to convince them to start growing them again, knowing that their aroma and flavor were essential to Samuel Adams Boston Lager.
Six weeks after Jim started the business Samuel Adams Boston Lager won the “Best Beer in America” award at the Great American Beer Festival. It was quite a feat. No one had heard of the beer and the company had only three people. Today, Samuel Adams Boston Lager continues to win awards all over the world. Times may have changed but the beer remains the same.

Contact information

Samuel Adams

30 Germania Street
Boston , MA 02130

Phone: (617) 368-5080