Red Chaos


Sour Ale | 6% ABV


Last year, we were lucky enough to start building relationships with several farmers in the state. One of these farmers grew various kinds of fruit, including some wonderfully tart Montmorency cherries. It’s our opinion that it’s vital to work with local growers to source our fruit in order to give the beer a real sense of place.

After waiting for peak ripeness, we drove out to the Western Slope and were able to have the cherries loaded into our van the day they were harvested. In addition, we were able to process the cherries and get them into beer the following day. This short time from tree to bottle is one of the factors that has made this beer so unique.

As we grow our mixed-culture sour beer program, we also plan to increase the amount and types of fruit used in those beers. In this way, we will further our support of local growers and producers in Colorado.

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Denver, CO