No Spoon Needed Cinn Crunch

WeldWerks Brewing

Milkshake IPA | 7.6% ABV


Cereal Milk India Pale Ale brewed with Vietnamese Cinnamon, Marshmallow, Milk Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla and Mosaic + Strata hops

Consider this the birth of a new series and style. Our new No Spoon Needed series seeks to recreate the nostalgia of the sugary sweet milk remaining at the bottom of a bowl of cereal. This first edition utilizes Vietnamese cinnamon, milk sugar, Madagascar vanilla, and marshmallows to capture the essence of our favorite Saturday morning cinnamon crunch cereal. Slurp it down straight from the can, cartoons not included.

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WeldWerks Brewing

508 8th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

Phone: (970) 460-6345