Medianoche (10oz pours)

WeldWerks Brewing

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 13.6% ABV


Medianoche starts as a complex, rich, and full-bodied Imperial Stout, brewed with copious amounts of chocolate malts, crystal malts, and flaked oats, then boiled continuously for nearly 36 hours. Medianoche, which means “midnight” in Spanish, embodies the hard work, patience, and uncompromising dedication to excellence we value at WeldWerks.

This version:

Medianoche #18706

Barrel Number: 18706

Barrel Origin: 8 year old Breckinridge Bourbon

Medianoche in Barrel for 20.4 months


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Greeley, CO 80631

Phone: (970) 460-6345