Mango Whale Cake

Burlington Beer Company

Fruit Ale | 5.5% ABV


Dive into the tropical delight of Mango Whale Cake, an easy-drinking, sun-kissed blonde ale infused with the irresistible sweetness of ripe mangoes. This delightful brew is perfect for those seeking a fruit-forward experience without compromising the refreshing qualities of a classic blonde ale.

Mango Whale Cake pours a radiant golden hue, with a soft white head that dissipates gently, leaving a delicate lacing on your glass. The aroma is a captivating blend of fragrant mangoes inviting you to take your first sip.

As you indulge in this refreshing brew, you’re met with a wave of luscious mango flavor that melds harmoniously with the light, biscuity malt backbone. The delicate hops provide a subtle counterbalance, adding a touch of floral and citrusy notes to the fruity profile. With its moderate 5.5% ABV, Mango Whale Cake is the perfect session ale, allowing you to savor its tropical flavors without being weighed down.

Mango Whale Cake finishes crisp and clean, with a gentle lingering sweetness that will have you longing for another sip. This effervescent blonde ale is ideal for warm summer days by the beach, backyard barbecues, or simply as a refreshing treat after a long day.

Embrace the tropical bounty of Mango Whale Cake and let this enchanting blonde ale take your taste buds on a journey to sun-soaked shores and balmy nights, where the spirit of celebration and relaxation come together in perfect harmony.

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