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Hooch Booch

Flavored Kombucha | 8.5% ABV


Paloma but make it hard Kombucha Style. Tart Grapefruit, hints of sage, and a subtle dash of smoke.

Hooch Booch was founded because we know not all alcohol is created equal. We like our buzz with added benefits. Hooch Booch combines the mystique of classic cocktail flavors with the probiotic benefits of hard kombucha to create a beverage that is both refined and refreshing. You can expect a robust and flavorful booch that packs a punch of 8.5% ABV. All three flavors can be enjoyed as-is, or dare to go harder – and add the spirit suggested on the can to create a timeless libation.

Contact information

Hooch Booch

Denver , Colorado

Website: https://drinkhoochbooch.com/