Feral One Batch 1 (2014)

Firestone Walker

American Wild Ale | 5.7% ABV


The nickname “feral” was given to us by Adam Firestone to describe our operation at the Barrelworks. It was not a compliment. David Walker, however, embraced the name, thinking it perfectly described our untamed character and as a descendent of a more domesticated nature. Since this was a rare moment where they both agreed, we quickly adopted “feral” as the name of our first offering in the bottle -a celebration of our first year as the Barrelworks. Feral One is blend of our best efforts, from hand-selected barrels, chosen by the Masterblender and Barrelmeister that have been aging in both American and French oak barrels for 18-32 months. Four different beers were blended to create this amazing concoction: Sour Opal, SLOambic, Lil Mikkel and Agrestic Ales. An earthy funky nose gives way to citrus, tropical (guava) and berry fruit notes. A hint of Oak wood, lavender, and vanilla lurk in the background. The tongue is greeted with an assertive and mouth-watering acidity, chewy tannins, and mature oak, and firm carbonation. This beer is an absolute pleasure to drink anytime.

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