Father Nelson

La Cumbre

American Double IPA | 10.6% ABV


Irresponsible, offensive, repugnant, blasphemous and downright creepy. This is Father Nelson. Father Nelson is a very bad beer. Reaching to the outer expanses of what is possible with hops and alcohol we have created a beer that is literally dripping in hop oils. Don’t be surprised if you see a slick floating in your glass, and not to worry, just hops. Nelson Sauvin gets the starring role in yet another, ridiculously delicious hopgasm from your friends at La Cumbre Brewing Co.

Contact information

La Cumbre

3313 Girard NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Phone: 505.872.0225
Email: eljefe@lacumbrebrewing.com
Website: http://www.lacumbrebrewing.com