Czechvar Lager


Czech Lager | 5.0% ABV


Our pale lager is beer for real connoisseurs. The first-class female cones of top-quality Saaz hops, pure clean natural water and carefully selected grains of a unique strain of the Moravian barley make the lager a drink for real beer experts.
A 700-year long tradition of brewing Budějovice beer and a unique 90-day long maturing period amplifies its uniqueness even more. Budweiser Budvar Pale Lager can thus be savoured with all the senses. Firstly, your eye can see its beautiful golden colour and rich thick head, you can smell its mild hop aroma, feel the misted covered glass in your palm and finally use your taste buds to savour its mild or medium-strong bitterness. You will never forget our pale lager.

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K. Světlé 512/4

Phone: +420 387 705 199