Sour - Fruited | 6.00% ABV


Buddhacello Sour”

6% ABV $185 -1/6ths only

This iteration is a beer take on limoncello- a lemon flavored Italian liqueur created by a long time infusion of strong proofed neutral spirits on lemon zest.  It’s intensely aromatic and cloyingly sweet. We thought it would be fun to bring our favorite sweet/sour twist to this theme. We chopped 300 Buddha’s Hand and infused (recirculated) on Felix (golden sour) for a long time until we loved the flavor and intensity. We added a little lemon myrtle to push that intensity to the very brink!

Contact information

New Belgium Brewing Co

500 Linden St
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: 970-221-0524