Breakfast for 3 (Collaboration)

WeldWerks Brewing

Imperial Breakfast Stout | 10.5% ABV


w/Mikerphone & Great Notion
Breakfast For Three
Sometimes, there are people you can’t help but have an undying affinity for. Such is the case with all the wonderful humans at both Mikerphone Brewing and Great Notion Brewing. Since everyone was in town for the Invitational, we thought, “Hey, let’s get crazy and make a stout that combines the best elements of all three!” Hence, Breakfast for Three was born (we tried to combine the names, but to no avail…Smells Like Double Stackromatic? Stacking Achro Beans? Oof.)
It is exactly what you’d expect: a thick, sticky 10.5% ABV stout packed full of maple syrup and Peruvian coffee roasted locally at Zoe’s. Your breakfast beer has arrived.

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