Blueberry Pie Berliner

WeldWerks Brewing

Berliner Weissbier | 4.5% ABV


Blueberry Pie Berliner is bursting with so much delicious, rich, and flavorful blueberry pie character that it will give your grandma’s pie a run for its money. Another entry in our #pastrysour series, Blueberry Pie Berliner starts similar to our other Berliner Weisse beers, soured with lactobacillus bacteria in the kettle, then fermented clean. We added lactose in the boil to enhance the creaminess and boost the body, then we fermented the beer on an absurd amount of blueberries. Finally, we added just a hint of graham cracker to bring out more of the pie character. The sweet creaminess of the lactose and blueberries are a perfect complement to the acidity of the base beer, making this the perfect beer to pair with dinner or dessert.

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