Ska Brewing Company

Beers from Ska Brewing Company currently at the Mayor:

Brewery Description

Ska Brewing was the second brewery in Colorado to put their beers in cans. You know who the first was. They first put their ESB Special Ale in cans back in 2003. Today, these guys have some of the most recognizable cans on the market and they’re filled with great beer to boot. Ska continues to grow, they’ve recently put in a new canning line which they bought from the folks at Oskar Blues, and expand their distribution so if you aren’t seeing their beer on your local shelves now, you might be soon.

Here is a little more information about Ska and their canned offerings:

Year Brewing Began – 1995

Annual Beer Output – @12,000 bbls (2009)

History – From what I can gather Ska Brewing came about when two guys that weren’t old enough to buy beer, but drank a lot of it, and listened to a lot of ska music decided it was up to them to brew better beer and conquer the world. So they did and still do.