Branch Out Cider, LLC

Beers from Branch Out Cider, LLC currently at the Mayor:

Brewery Description

Branch Out Cider, LLC is a fully-licensed winery in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Owners Matt Fater and Aaron Fodge are longtime residents of the Fort Collins community (Matt since 1993 and Aaron since 1998).  They have been actively involved in creating local solutions throughout their careers.

In 2007, the Fort Collins neighbors began pressing cider from neighborhood apple trees in Matt’s front yard. They soon realized they could make something great with these neighborhood apples.  Their apple wine became a hit amongst their friends and family.

After four years of pursuing this annual neighborhood ritual of collecting apples and making their favorite beverage, they have decided to introduce their apple wine and the Community Orchard to the broader community.  They plan to produce their introductory batch of Branch Out Cider – Apple Wine during the 2012 harvest season.