Marcel has also written the sci fi show Terra Nova and Saving Mr. James’ squalid humptastrophe of a novel to the screen, she is now incapable of putting pen to paper without accidentally including a ponytail buttplug in the description of the main character, or a curious overabundance of assless chaps. Did you know that for almost 50 straight years after publishing The Catcher In The Rye, JD Salinger wrote “fucking baseball and bread” on the signature line of every single check he ever filled?.

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4. You should be his “queen.” Your partner’s ex should not have any kind of “power” over him, not even if they have children (I will address this point in my next article because that is one of those things that you probably do not want to hear). You should be and are entitled to be the “queen of his castle.” If his ex still pretends to hold that position, your partner needs to make sure she knows she is not even a “mason” in his castle..

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