Sleigh’r Winter Ale

Ninkasi Brewing

Altbier | 7.2% ABV


Thanks to being strategically wedged between the Pacific Ocean and a bunch of volcanoes, we get some of the deepest snowfalls in the world right here in our backyard. It’s our winter playground. And Sleigh’r is our après-ski. Under its frothy head is a deep, chocolatey malt flavor that’s sweet and warm, with a lasting bitterness. Like a toasty fire on a dark night.

An Alt ferments with Ale yeast at colder lagering temperatures. This effect gives Alts a more refined, crisp lager-like flavor than traditional ales. The Alt has been “Ninkasified” raising the ABV and IBUs. Sleigh’r has a deep, toasted malt flavor that finishes dry and balanced.

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Ninkasi Brewing

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Phone: (541) 344-2739